• Dancing Unillamas

    Boring LOL

  • J. Scott Elblein

    Very cool. I'm debating right now between an Echo dot and Home Mini.

    Questions for anyone in the know (it'd be much appreciated):

    1). Can Google Home sync across devices? i.e. I have a Samsung Smart Watch; is there some Samsung watch app that can be used in conjunction with it?

    2). Can the Wake word be changed? "OK Google" is atrocious. 😛

    3). Can more microphones be added? i.e. place just mic's in different places throughout the house, so you don't have to yell commands across the room. (another reason having a Smartwatch app for it would be handy. No matter where you are you could just talk the commands to your watch and have Google Home hear them).

    4). Can it be used to control your computer at all?

    5). Can you cast TO your computer? i.e. I say something like "ok Google, play Guns n' Roses on my computer", and it'll start playing the music from my PC.

    6). Can it do repeating reminders? i.e. "remind me to take out the garbage every Monday at 5pm"

    7). Repeating timers? i.e. 30 second repeating timer to let me know to change stretch poses during a workout warmup.

    8). Does it work with Microsoft OneNote?

    I have more, but, that's a ton already and I pretty much expect no reply ( you know how most YouTubers are. 😛 )

  • Stephen

    Awesome video. I recently ordered a Google home and the Nest thermostat.

    Do I need a smart hub as well? Or is that only needed to control non-smart devices? Also, why do you have a harmony hub and the smartthings hub? Are they needed to control different things?

    One more… What do I need to control lights if my bulbs are not smart? Do I only need the smart switch or is that when I need a hub?

    Sorry for so many questions. I'm excited about getting smarter and I'm a little confused on exactly what I need.


  • Mike Mckay

    You need to to edit your voice of of the video every command you gave did it at my house lol. When you said ok Google stop YouTube it stopped mine lol

  • Ward Wolfram

    Keith, I found your integration article. It looks like you explain things here. Thanks!

    But I am still unsure how multiple Google homes can be used … I guess they are so far apart that multiple Google Homes cannot pick up your commands?

  • Ward Wolfram

    Hello Keith, you mentioned (~3:42) that you implemented multiple Harmony Hubs in your home (I assume they are for different rooms or locations. My Harmony Hub understanding is that multiple hubs do not work together. Thus, can you confirm that you are using the Smartthings hub to tie or coordinate the multiple harmony hubs to do their thing correctly?

    Also, I assume that you have multiple Google Home's in different rooms or locations so you can trigger commands instead of just the kitchen area. What did you do or discover to get these multiple Homes to not step on each other.

    Great demonstration. Thank you!

  • easy1965

    Make a video on how you only use one cable card for all your Xbox's.

  • Tech My Channel

    Nice Google Home video,

  • PipenFalzy

    I think after awhile it would get annoying having to always say what you want, rather than just flicking or dimming a switch. Setting and configuration of devices can be a bitch as well.

  • Michael Maxime

    I️ find it annoying that it voice repeats actions like a parrot instead of just doing them.

  • Alexis Fabela

    Been waiting for Kieth to make a new video.. he has the best exactly what I would want on YouTube

  • R Loco

    Is a harmony hub necessary to control your av equipment if you have google home and smarthings?

  • Ice Ryda

    Nice, now come do my house

  • Devansh Kanoria

    probably had to disable assistant in my phone while watching 😂

  • Larry Velez

    Thanks for this video. Good to see Google Home work so well with Samsung SmartThings.

    I have been looking for solutions to convert my wired security sensors for use with a modern cloud-first security system. It looks like Samsung's SmrtThings might be my answer using Konnected.io converters for the wires sensors.

    Looks like Smartthings integration with Google Home works well, this might be the path I go..

    Wired Sensors -> Konnected Converter -> Samsung SmartThings -> Google Home

    This could give me a flexible path forward from my wired sensors to many automation options once SmartThings and Google Home are involved.
    (I already have three Nest Devices which is what is pushing me towards Google Home)

  • iftekhar zamir

    has a hella advanced house but is still using an xbox 360

  • itsbobbyagain

    Nice video, thanks for the demo. Now that you've had your system set up for a while, do you find yourself tinkering with it or is it working reliably the way you want? So far I find myself constantly tinkering with my system. You got a like out of me for the ending.

  • itsbobbyagain

    Nice video, thanks for the demo. Now that you've had your system set up for a while, do you find yourself tinkering with it or is it working reliably the way you want? So far I find myself constantly tinkering with my system.

  • Adrian Snell

    I still think reaching for the remote and pressing a button with your finger is simpler than shouting “ok google………turn off my living room TV”. Still not convinced this is worth all the hassle….

  • Gerald Collier

    Great demo. Do you have your Pistons shared anywhere?

  • Wayne Kendall

    Awesome video. And nice house. Can't stand TV's that aren't at sitting height though.

  • Rishi Ramcharan

    hey, how do you setup the one cable connection to stream to other xbox on the home? I have ps4 can it do that? also would I be able to watch different channels in the rooms? Demo with xbox is fine

  • DJJamminJason

    I have a similar living room as you, all of my components are in a closet. Will the harmony hub remote control my tv via IR with Google Home?

  • Arthur Lago

    Great. Thank You

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